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Clerk of Court
4th Floor
375 South High Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215
(614) 645-8006


The Clerk of Court is an elected position with a six-year term. The Clerk's Office is divided into several divisions. The divisions occupying the first four floors of the Municipal Court Building are: Administration, Accounting/Finance, Audit and Internal Controls, Civil, Collections, Criminal/Traffic & Courtroom Services Group, Traffic Violations Bureau/Communications. The Office of Information Services is located of the 16th floor.

The Franklin County Municipal Court Clerk of Court's Office serves as the legal guardian and keeper of all the official records of the Franklin County Municipal Court including all criminal and civil case filings, subpoenas, search warrants, pleadings and monies (Court costs, fines, and third party monies from garnishments). The Clerk's Office is entrusted with the responsibility of processing and archiving all Court records in accordance with file retention requirements established by the Supreme Court of Ohio. Additionally, the Clerk's Office calculates and fully details all financial transactions involving the Court. The Clerk's Office compiles and publishes an Annual Report each year that details the various categories of Court case filings, all financial transactions connected with all Court cases and statistically reports all relevant data regarding the same.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Franklin County Municipal Court, Clerk of Court’s Office is to accurately maintain, safeguard and store all Court documents as well as collect and disburse all monies as directed by legal mandates.

Vision Statement

To achieve our Mission by establishing and sustaining a knowledgeable and diverse staff that will strive to serve all who use this office through competent customer service, communications and community outreach.