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Limited Driving Privileges

NOTICE: If you have been granted limited driving privileges, you may drive during the hours identified on the entry granting limited driving privileges and only for those reasons necessary to avoid the loss of your employment, school, court ordered counseling, and any other reason identified by the Judge. You must keep a travel log while driving to indicate the locations to which and from which you will be traveling. The travel log must be shown upon demand to any law enforcement officer. You shall not consume alcohol prior to driving, and shall have no odor of an alcoholic beverage while driving. You may not refuse any test required by law enforcement.

Ignition Interlock

If a judge ordered ignition interlock as part of your driving privileges, please review the following:

  1. The limited driving privileges authorized by the Court are invalid until an ignition interlock device has been installed on the vehicle.
  2. In accordance with R.C. 4510.46, if the Court receives notice that the ignition interlock device prevented the vehicle from starting due to tampering with the device, circumventing the device, or the detection of positive alcohol levels, the Court may increase by a factor of 2 the period of suspension ordered by the Court and/or the period of time the defendant is prohibited from exercising limited driving privileges without a certified ignition interlock installed. You may also be required to wear a continuous alcohol monitoring device.

Ignition Interlock Companies

You may contract with the interlock company of your choice; however, you should consider the company’s location because you will be required to visit the company each month for reporting purposes. You are responsible to pay for the installation and maintenance of the interlock device, as well as all monthly fees.

The Court provides the following options for informational purposes only and does not endorse or prefer any interlock company. You should call the selected company for an appointment. A current list of certified interlock companies is also available at: Approved Interlock Devices