You will be called to take part in a voir dire exam (selection of the jury) only if the defendants (or litigants in a civil case) decide to exercise their constitutional right to a jury trial. Many potential jury trial cases are decided without jurors being needed, but the court needs a qualified pool of jurors in the event cases do not settle. This court has an average of 110 potential jury trial cases each day, Monday through Thursday. You may be required to report on Friday if you are on a case or if one of our courtrooms has a jury trial set that day. Even with this high potential for trials, you will only see 3 to 6 cases that will actually need jurors in a given two week period. This is why we bring a minimum number of jurors each day. We rely on statistical data to show us trends that dictate how many jurors we will need according to the time of year, rotation of the judges and prosecutors. We will be glad to show you how we compile this data and how we use it to discover new correlations

For more information please call the Jury Commissioner's Office at 614-645-7726

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