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A. Court Jurisdiction and Organization

Jurisdiction. The municipal courts of Ohio have original jurisdiction in any action or proceeding at law for the recovery of money or personal property in which the amount claimed by any party does not exceed $15,000 (O.R.C. 1901.17; 1901.18). Subject to certain exceptions municipal courts have jurisdiction of misdemeanors and of the violation of municipal ordinances and jurisdiction to conduct preliminary hearings in felony cases (O.R.C. 1901.20). Each of the municipal courts appearing in this section of the Ohio Revised Code has jurisdiction both within the municipal corporation limits and throughout the county in which it is located (O.R.C. 1901.02(B)). Judges are elected to terms of six years.

Organization. The Franklin County Municipal Court has fourteen judges in the General Division and one judge in the Environmental Division. The judges annually elect to the position of Administrative and Presiding Judge one of the judges currently sitting on the bench. The court has appointed six magistrates to hear certain matters. These attorneys are empowered by a specific order of reference (Local Court Rule 7.01) to hear a variety of cases including evictions, damages on default judgments, pre-judgment and post-judgment attachment proceedings, trusteeships, judgment debtor examinations, small claims cases, certain appeals from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, the enforcement of sentences, traffic arraignments, parking violation appeals, and applications for release of rent.

The Courthouse. The Court, Court Administration, and Clerk of the Court are located in the Municipal Court Building, 375 South High Street, part of the Franklin County Government Center. The Court 's facilities include two traffic arraignment courtrooms, two criminal arraignment courtrooms, one Environmental Division arraignment courtroom, five record-hearing courtrooms, one duty courtroom, and seventeen jury courtrooms.

B. Publication of Official Notices

Official notices issued by the Franklin County Municipal Court or the Clerk of the Courts are published in The Daily Reporter. These notices include new filings, case assignments and dispositions, administrative orders, and proposed court rules.

C. Local Court Rules

The Franklin County Municipal Court has adopted certain rules of practice pursuant to Rule 83 of the Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure. The rules are published annually in the Columbus Bar Association Directory. Copies of rules may be obtained by calling 614-645-6822 or online here.

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