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This page will attempt to answer some of the more common Civil Miscellaneous questions. However, it is not the intention of the Clerk of Court's Office or the Franklin County Municipal Court to offer legal advice through these pages or through our answering of questions. While knowledgeable about the operational procedures of the Clerk's Office and the Court, Deputy Clerks and Bailiffs are not attorneys and cannot recommend specific legal options, and their answering questions should not be construed as such.

What kind of case is this?

That information can be obtained by looking up your case on our website. You could also request that the file could be pulled by the fileroom 614-645-7220 - Prompt #1 to review the complaint.

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What is my new court date and time?

That information can be obtained by looking up your case on our website or if you have your case number call our file room at 614-645-8161 - Prompt #1.

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How do I file a Small Claims case?

You can get a complaint form on the 16th floor of 375 South High Street. The Small Claims division staff will assist you in the filing process and with collecting judgments. You may contact the Small Claims division at 614-645-7381.

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How long will it take to get my money?

We hold all checks for three weeks before disbursing any funds to ensure that the payment has not been cancelled or returned for insufficient funds. This is done because:
1. We've had employers and banks bounce or stop payment on checks.
2. Retrieving money from the payee after it has been disbursed is a lengthy process best avoided.

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If I am the plaintiff, how do I dismiss the case?

You write the case information on a piece of paper, write what you want to do with the case along with your name and signature, and then mail it 375 S. High St 3rd Floor or you can fax it to 614-645-6919.

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My case is paid but your records do not show payment, How do I get it dismissed?

You need to contact the plaintiff or the attorney for the plaintiff to file the appropriate satisfaction of judgment or a notice of dismissal. Only the Plaintiff or their representation can file it. If you cannot contact them you can bring your proof of all payments and take the case file to a duty judge for determination.

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