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Judge H William Pollitt
375 South High Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215
Courtroom 14A
Appointed 1996
Elected 2009, 2015
Courtroom 14A
Secretary Colleen Nye (614) 645-7745
Bailiff Mary Ellen Cain (614) 645-8697
Fax (614) 645-7802

Commencement of Action and General Procedures

Motions and Briefs Motion hearings are held prior to actual trial dates.
Continuances Within reason, liberal continuances are granted.

Civil Pretrial Procedures

Pretrial conferences and orders All parties exchange discovery materials and be prepared to discuss settlement.

Criminal Pretrial Procedures

Pretrial conferences and orders Attorney should be prepared to discuss case with prosecutor concerning questions of law, motions, and strengths and weaknesses of the case.


General The court will allow the attorneys to try their cases within the Rules of Evidence and without interference from the court.
Decorum Attorneys should be prompt, polite and prepared. I try to conduct my courtroom in a relaxed manner and treat everyone with dignity and respect