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  • For information regarding Franklin County Municipal Court Operations During COVID-19 Pandemic, click here.
  • Until March 31, 2021, Traffic Arraignments in Courtrooms 1A, 1B, and Eviction Hearings in Courtroom 11B will be heard at the Columbus Convention Center; more information here.

Judge James E Green
375 South High Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215
Courtroom 15D
Appointed 1994
Elected 1995, 2001, 2007, 2013
Courtroom 15D
Secretary Laura Camara (614) 645-8295
Bailiff Valarie Rouchion (614) 645-8709
Fax (614) 645-8255

Commencement of Action and General Procedures

Motions and Briefs Motions to be submitted timely and served on opposing parties. Motions ruled on without oral hearing unless requested. All motions to be submitted to the court at least five days before trial date
Continuances Requests for continuances to be presented to the court a minimum of five days prior to court date. Opposing parties to be contacted regarding request.

Civil Pretrial Procedures

Settlement Settlement conferences are held on day of trial unless court determines that earlier conference is warranted.
Pretrial conferences and orders Pretrials are scheduled once the case is assigned. Litigants need to be present unless excused by the court.

Criminal Pretrial Procedures

Pretrial conferences and orders Criminal and traffic cases automatically for pretrial when jury demand is filed. Criminal defendants are to be present.


Voir Dire Voir dire is conducted by the court with parties given latitude to ask follow-up questions.
Decorum Proper courtroom etiquette observed. No hats, food, drinks, or use of cellular phones when court is in session. Appropriate attire required for attorneys and litigants. Professionalism toward court and opposing counsel expected at all times.
Exhibits Exhibits are to be marked in advance and will be maintained by the court reporter.