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Magistrate Kathleen Graham
375 South High Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215
Courtroom 10A
Appointed 1986
Courtroom 10A
Secretary Paula Gruber (614) 645-6822
Bailiff Lyndsey Gelhaus (614) 645-6260
Fax (614) 645-8822

Commencement of Action and General Procedures

General My primary responsibilities to the court are administrative, but I hear cases by special order or reference and when there are scheduling conflicts for the other magistrates.
Motions and Briefs There are no case coordinators for the magistrates. If a motion is filed in a small claims case or an eviction case, it normally will not be brought to the attention of the magistrate until the day of the hearing. In those special proceedings, attorneys may want to bring motions to the magistrates' attention and you may get a ruling before trial.

Civil Pretrial Procedures

Settlement I will always inquire whether settlement has been discussed. I will refer appropriate cases to mediation, if a mediator is available.