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The information presented on this page is only a set of examples showing what kind of alerts are presented by our online public access search system. The images on this page are not notifications of an alert on any specific user of this website.

With the advent of the Clerk's Online Case Information page, a number of individuals have contacted the Clerk's Office and the Court regarding individuals having Alerts or Warrants on cases available to be searched through the online service.

Specifically, when the above box appears, it indicates that there is an alert or a warrant on an individual from that case.

What this means that there is some sort of additional information regarding a party on this case. This does not mean that there is necessarily a warrant out for the arrest of any party on the case. It could mean that a hold has been placed on the processing of civil cases due to actions being taken by another, superior jurisdiction, or some other procedural issue is being referenced.

This alert, however, indicates that a party on the case (in this case the defendant) has another case pending in the Franklin County Municipal Court (the party name and the case number have been obscured). This does not mean anything derogatory or that any wrongdoing has been assigned to the party involved (remembering that all parties are innocent until proven guilty according to the U.S. Constitution and the Constitution of the State of Ohio), but simply that this individual has a pending case with a scheduled hearing. A person could be a defendant in one matter and a witness or some other party in another matter.

There are other types of informational alerts available to the system.


Enforcement of Warrants for arrest are the sole province of law enforcement agencies in the State of Ohio. Neither the Clerk of Court's Office nor the Franklin County Municipal Court are able to "go get someone" when there is a warrant out for them, even if the warrant is for a case pending in this court. What this means is that if you contact the Court or the Clerk of Courts' Office with information regarding the current location / whereabouts / address of someone who may or may not have a warrant out for their arrest involving a matter before this Court (or any jurisdiction for that matter) here is the information that will be relayed to you:

Individuals with information regarding the current whereabouts or address of an individual who is the subject of a warrant within this court (or any other court jurisdiction for that matter) are advised to forward this information to:

  • the law enforcement agency with jurisdiction over the original case
  • the law enforcement agency with jurisdiction over where the individual is
    currently residing/staying, or
  • the Agency responsible for prosecuting the case
These agencies will investigate the matter, determine if there is actually a warrant for the individual concerned, whether or not this is the individual named in the warrant, and whether or not the warrant is still valid. Other factors involved include jurisdiction, distance, and age of the offense/warrant.

Under no circumstances should individuals attempt to enforce (i.e. a "citizen's arrest") a warrant themselves. This is a matter best left to law enforcement professionals who have the resources and training to research the warrant in question and, if it's determined appropriate, take an individual into custody.

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