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  • At this time, all visitors to the Franklin County Municipal Court must wear a facial covering.

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Court Reporters

The services of the court reporter include making a verbatim record of most court proceedings, preparing transcripts of the verbatim record at the request of a party or the court, and maintaining all exhibits. An advance deposit towards the cost of a transcript may be requested at the discretion of the reporter. The per-page costs for the transcript services of a court reporter are:

Civil Cases

Original $3.50
Opposing Side $3.50
Extra Copies $.75
Court Ordered Copies $.00

Criminal Cases

Original $3.25
Opposing Side $3.25
Extra Copies $.75
Court Ordered Copies $.00

Assignment Office

The Assignment Office controls the case-flow management of a case assigned to a judge. This office makes the individual case assignments to the judges in a random rotational order for criminal and traffic cases when a not guilty plea has been entered in arraignment and in civil cases when an answer or motion has been filed. The office also prepares individual judge's court sheets and boardsheets; notifies all parties of hearing dates; schedules and maintains an up-to-date computer status of all active cases assigned to judges; and processes all pleadings and motions to the judges for review.

The court requires all attorneys to include their Supreme Court attorney registration number as the exclusive number identifier on all documents filed with the court.

Jury Service

The Jury Commissioner's office, located on the 9th floor, summons jurors for two-week service. A request to postpone or be excused from jury service should be directed to the attention of the Jury Commissioner prior to the reporting date. The telephone number is (614) 645-7726. More information regarding Jury Service with the Municipal Court can be found here.

Service Bailiffs

Service bailiffs assist litigants and attorneys by the efficient handling and delivery of court documents and the timely enforcement of judgment remedies. Service bailiffs serve summonses for civil, forcible entry and detainer, criminal, traffic, and judgment debtor cases, complaints, and subpoenas, and they enforce writs of restitution, replevin orders, executions, orders of attachment, and garnishments. Service bailiffs recover property from defendants and collect monetary awards. Personal property recovered is sold at bailiff's sales, subject to prior liens. Order of attachment property is seized and held by bailiff or plaintiff pending further order of the court. Bailiffs further enforce judgments by serving garnishment of wages and attachment of bank accounts. In replevin actions, property is seized and returned to the rightful owner.

Dispute Resolution Program

The Dispute Resolution Program provides mediation services for the court. Where deemed appropriate, civil cases filed in the General Division may be referred to mediation in an attempt to obviate the need for formal litigation. Mediations are conducted by court staff and trained community volunteers under the supervision of the Administrative Assistant of the Small Claims Division. There is also a mediation program for small claims cases.


Civil marriage ceremonies are conducted (by appointment only) by judges Monday through Friday, except legal holidays, between 9:00 and 10:00 a.m. and between 2:00 and 3:00 p.m. in the Duty Room located on the 10th Floor in accordance with Local Court Rule 2.01. Prior to the ceremony, a marriage license must be obtained from the Franklin County Probate Court, located in the County Courthouse Building, 373 South High Street, 23rd Floor. In addition, a fee of $25.00 must be paid to the Franklin County Municipal Court Clerk on the third floor of the Municipal Court Building prior to the ceremony.

The bailiff in the Duty Room will schedule the appointment. The State of Ohio does not require witnesses to marriage ceremonies. However, couples are welcome to bring family, friends, and children to the wedding. Marriages are performed by appointment only, and is subject to the availability of a judge.