Wanted: An investigative report

A team of Columbus Dispatch and Gatehouse Media reporters and photographers conducted an extensive investigation into open warrants across the nation, with a specific focus on the warrant process within Franklin County. To assist with their investigation of open warrants, Franklin County Municipal Court clerks, probation officers and judges provided data and insight into how open warrants affected their jobs. The Columbus Dispatch and Gatehouse Media completed a 5-Part report on the "Wanted Investigation".

Local Rules Notice

Proposed Amendments to Local Court Rules – The Judges of the Franklin County Municipal Court give notice of their intention to amend the local rules of the court to enact regulations for bail bondsmen (Loc.R. 4.13), clarify magistrates’ discretion to continue proceedings (Loc.R. 7), and to amend the filing costs for eviction-related claims (Loc.R. 13, Schedule 9.00). The full text of the rule amendments can be viewed at [ here] . Comments regarding these amendments must be submitted to Gene Edwards at the Franklin County Municipal Court, 375 South High Street, 10th Floor, Columbus, Ohio 43215 or through email at edwardsg@fcmcclerk.com by the close of business on Friday December 28, 2018.

Self Help Resource Center

The Franklin County Municipal Court's new Self Help Resource Center is now open. The Resource Center is located on the 6th floor of 375 S. High Street, and is open to the public between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

The Resource Center cannot provide legal advice or representation. But, people representing themselves in Municipal Court can get basic information about the court system, about forms and applications, and about other available resources. The Resource Center is only for civil matters such as applications to seal criminal records, landlord tenant, and consumer issues. The Resource Center is not for criminal or traffic cases. Those that qualify based on their financial situation can get additional assistance from staff at the Resource Center.

The Resource Center does not accept appointments and staff cannot provide information over the phone, so please come visit in person! For more information about the Resource Center, please visit www.fcmcselfhelpcenter.org