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  CASE Network  

The "Court Access & Search Engine" (CASE) Network is a new project that offers an option to conduct a municipal court case information search that is intended to improve ease of use and provide efficient information access. The CASE Network will continue to grow and add new functionality and services to better serve the public into the future.

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  Proposed Amendments to Local Court Rules  

The Judges of the Franklin County Municipal Court recently amended the local rules of the court to impose a $30.00 monthly probation user fee in most environmental cases [Loc. R. 13, Schedule 9.00] and to create a low-level felony initial appearance session for the purpose of referring certain cases to an appropriate specialized docket or participation in an educational and behavior-modification class as part of sentencing [Loc. R. 1.02 and 1.03]. The judges are also considering amending and adopting local rules for the operation of the Court's specialized dockets. [Loc. R. 8.04 - 8.08]

  Ohio BMV Reinstatement Fee Payment Program  

The Ohio BMV will offer a driver's license reinstatement fee installment plan to those individuals who have met all their reinstatement requirements except for paying reinstatement fees. The plan will allow individuals owing $150 or more in reinstatement fee to become valid or eligible to retest for a driver license by paying only $50.00 or more every 30 days for as long as it takes to pay their reinstatement fees.

Use the links below to go to the Ohio BMV Website for more information.

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