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Rules 1 through 12

Rule Title Link
Rule 1 Individual Assignment View
Rule 2 The Judiciary View
Rule 3 Duties of Counsel View
Rule 4 Criminal Practice View
Rule 5 Traffic Practice View
Rule 6 Civil Practice View
Rule 7 Magistrates View
Rule 8 Assignment & Jury Commissioners View
Rule 9 Duties of Clerk View
Rule 10 Court Reporters View
Rule 11 Small Claims Practices View
Rule 12 Termination of Cases View

Rule 13

Schedule Title Link
Schedule 4.01 - 4.041 Bail Schedules View
Schedule 4.05 Fines in Misdemeanor Cases - Columbus View
Schedule 5.04 Fines in Traffic Cases- Columbus Fines in Traffic Cases - Ohio Revised Code View
Schedule 6.00 Franklin County Home Incarceration Program View
Schedule 7.00 PUCO Fine Schedule - Ohio Revised Code View
Schedule 8.01 Fines in Misdemeanor Cases - Upper Arlington View
Schedule 9.00 Costs and Fees - FCMC View
Schedule 10.00 Fine Schedule - Columbus and Franklin County Metropolitan Park District View
Schedule 10.01 Fine Schedule - Dept. of Natural Resources Division of Natural Areas and Preserves View
Schedule 10.02 Fine Schedule - Fines for Violation of Rules and Regulations for Parks Located in the Unincorporated Areas of Hamilton Township View
Schedule 10.03 Fine Schedule - Fines for Violations of Ohio Revised Code Chapter 1547, and the Rules of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Watercraft View
Schedule 11.00 Fines for Fire Code Violation - Prairie Township View
Schedule 11.01 Fines for Fire Code Violation - Franklin Township View
Schedule 11.02 Fines for Fire Code Violation - Madison Township (Canal Winchester and Groveport) View
Schedule 11.03 Fine Schedule - Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife View

Rules 14 through 17

Rule Title Link
Rule 14 Form Entries & Abbreviations View
Rule 15 Case Flow Management Procedure View
Rule 16 Appointed Counsel View
Rule 17 Parking Violation Appeal Process View