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Due to the volume of public record requests regarding Civil F.E.D. (Forcible Entry and Detainer) cases, also known as eviction cases, monthly reports will be published to assist in this process. On a nightly basis, reports will be created for F.E.D cases filed the current month and each of the previous 12 months. The reports are in CSV (comma-separated values) format that is compatible with Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice/LibreOffice Calc, Notepad, and more.

Information contained within the reports is detailed by the report header and include: case number, file date, last disposition information, first plaintiff and most recent address, and first defendant and most recent address. Party information is limited to the first plaintiff and first defendant listed on the case, there may be additional parties on the case.

The reports contain the mailing address of the parties which may or may not be related to the property referenced in the filing complaint.

Additional details regarding case information can be found by: