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  CASE Network  

The "Court Access & Search Engine" (CASE) Network is a new project that offers an option to conduct a municipal court case information search that is intended to improve ease of use and provide efficient information access. The CASE Network will continue to grow and add new functionality and services to better serve the public into the future.

FCMC Records Search

  Self Help Resource Center  

The Franklin County Municipal Court’s new Self Help Resource Center will be open to the public starting Monday, May 2, 2016. The Resource Center is located on the 10th floor of 369 S. High Street, across from the Franklin County Law Library, and will be open to the public between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. The Resource Center will be closed temporarily May 13 through May 20.

The Resource Center cannot provide legal advice or representation. But, people representing themselves in Municipal Court can get basic information about the court system, about forms and applications, and about other available resources. The Resource Center is only for civil matters such as applications to seal criminal records, landlord tenant, and consumer issues. The Resource Center is not for criminal or traffic cases. Those that qualify based on their financial situation can get additional assistance from staff at the Resource Center.

The Resource Center is a walk-in service, and cannot make appointments for visitors or provide information over the phone.

  State ex rel. Sylvester v. Neal  

"A criminal rule giving trial courts authority to order defendants to post a cash payment for 10 percent of their bail was ruled unconstitutional today by the Ohio Supreme Court."

  Amendments to Local Court Rules  

The Judges intend to amend Loc.R. 1.03 to permit all judges elected to preside over a specialized docket to preside over the low level felony initial appearance session. [Review Proposed Amendments]

The judges have amended several rules in the past year. Loc.R. 1.01, Loc.R. 1.03, Loc.R. 1.04, (Review Rule 1) were amended to conform to current practice in the court. Loc.R. 3 (Duties of Counsel) requires attorneys to file a Notice of Appearance of Counsel under certain circumstances, including certain post judgment civil collection proceedings, changes the procedure for the submission of certain motions, requires counsel to indicate on the continuance request whether the opposing party or counsel consents to the request for a continuance, and removes unnecessary language. (Review Rule 3). Loc.R.4.12 was also amended to authorize the approval of search warrants and the issuance of investigative subpoenas electronically (Review Rule 4) and adopts guidelines for law enforcement for the transmission of the documents. (Review Guidelines). Loc.R. 8.01 sets forth the criteria for assignment of applications to seal or expunge cases records and makes it clear that criminal and traffic cases which are filed at the same time against the same defendant shall be assigned together. (Review Rule 8). Loc.R. 9.08 was amended to comply with R.C. 2935.09(D). (Review Rule 9). Loc.R.12.10 establishes a procedure to recall civil capias warrants which have been active for more than five (5) years. Pursuant to Administrative Order 01-2016, all civil capias warrants issued prior to 2011 have been recalled. (Review Rule 12).

  Latest News  
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