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What are the circumstances surrounding the eviction of a person?

That information is contained in the complaint, which is maintained in a case file in our fileroom.

Am I being evicted?

Look up your name on our public access case search to see if a case has been filed.

What are my rights are as a tenant.

You can call the Columbus Urban League at (614) 257-6300 for information.

How much does it cost to file an eviction case?

1 Cause of Action (Eviction Only) $123.00
2 Cause of Action (Eviction Requesting Money) $160.00

NOTE: The above filing fees include ordinary mail service plus one of the choices below, for up to 3 defendants and/or addresses. Requests of additional defendants and/or addresses will be charged an additional service fee based on the current court fee schedule.

Ordinary Mail Service + 1 Cause 2 Cause
Bailiff Service (Instructions must be filled out) $123.00 $160.00
Certified Mail (Must have signature for service) $123.00 $160.00
Process Server (Must include Approval Entry) $126.00 $163.00

How do I red tag the door and do a set out?

After the forms are completed and filed, the Clerks office will send the paperwork to the service bailiffs office. You will then contact them to arrange the set out at (614) 645-7780.

Does the owner of the property need to file the eviction? Or can I evict my roommate?

Please seek guidance from an attorney or the Self Help Center for assistance in these special matters.

When will the defendant be served?

This process will depend on the postal office, or the Bailiff. Usually the hearings will be scheduled fourteen to twenty-one days from the filing date.