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What is an affidavit of current balance?

It is a sworn statement from the creditor indicating how much money is now due. Check your figures against the affidavits. If there is a discrepancy, notify the creditor or your corporate attorney.

I have been taking out money on a case from your court. I received a new one today from your court. What should I do?

It depends. if you have been taking out money for less than 6 months continue until the 6 months is over. In the mean time, answer the second garnishment and return the answer to the court. If it has been more than 6 months, stop the first garnishment, notify the court on the final report and start taking out money on the second garnishment.

Should I send an interim report along with the check?

Always. We cannot accept checks without the interim report.

Who should I make the check made payable to?

Franklin County Municipal Court, or Lori M. Tyack, Clerk.

If the debtor requests a hearing, do I still send the money in?

Yes, the money will be held at the court until after the hearing.

I need help filling out the answer to employer or interim report. Can you help?

No. Deputy Clerks cannot help fill out the forms. Refer to your corporate attorney.

What is the difference between a wage and an other than wage garnishment?

A wage garnishment is an order sent to the debtors employer. The Clerks office sends it by either certified mail or by bailiff after the $85.00 fee is paid and the paperwork is completed. Ohio is a continuous garnishment state the wage garnishment falls under this category. An other than wage garnishment is an order issued anywhere else after a $40.00 fee is paid. A $1.00 check or money order made out to the bank is also required when filing. Examples of these are bank account or commission. This is not a continuous garnishment.