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Can I track a certified mailer?

No, we do not have Post Office tracking numbers.

How can I get a process server appointed?

  • A motion to appoint a server must be filed in the Clerks office.
  • All appropriate fees must be paid.
  • Go to the 10th floor and have the Duty Judge sign the form.
  • If you need service, you will need to bring the form back to the Issuing Desk in the Civil Division so service can be issued.
  • It can be picked up 24 hours later.

I want to check service on a Judgment Debtor by bailiff service.

You may contact the Service Bailiff's Office at (614) 645-7780. Bailiff service will be held until the hearing.

How much does certified mail and process server cost with multiple defendants?

The cost of the filing fee, which includes up to three defendants. For more than 3 defendants, it is $6.00 per defendant.

Do I have good service on my case?

Please research your case on our website. The information can be found in the docket field. If you have your case number, please call our file room at (614) 645-7220.